Love Kitty Laptop Sleeve
Love Kitty Laptop Sleeve
Love Kitty Laptop Sleeve

Love Kitty Laptop Sleeve

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Let this cute kitty protect your devices.
I am a self-confessed cat lover. We have way too many rescue kitties at home, we just can't say no to a furry little feline with big eyes. Thankfully my hubby feels the same way, so I don't need to be a crazy cat lady on my own.

I love this design. I love the colour palette. Soft greys and pinks, and of course, the shadowed hearts. It's a sweet little design I've added to a few products, so you can collect the whole set!

I do go through device cases more than I should. These are not items that last in our household. For some reason, my cats always sit on them, and they use them as scratch posts. So, I need a steady stream of new cases. These are great for those purposes.

This high quality sleeve is available in three sizes, to protect laptop from scratches and minor impacts. Printed on one side with black rear, edging and zip it's an elegant and stylish companion from day to day.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Top loading zipper
  • Black polyester back
  • Lightweight

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