Yvonne Starkey CA(SA)

Hi, I'm Yvonne, and I'm a stationery addict. I cannot resist unique office and desk accessories, stationery, mugs and notebooks. They also make the BEST gifts. It's an awesome way to recognise someone else's personality and humour, and give them a little sentimental something that will make them smile when they're at work.

You'll find some continuing themes in my posts and products, there's some logic to it, I promise:


I'm not a crazy cat lady, because I'm married. We're a crazy cat couple!


Like so many people out there, I'm creating a lifestyle and work of my own choosing. While this is exciting, and the opportunities and possibilities are great, it is hard work, and I love that we can create a community around the challenges faced by people working on their side hustle, and their full-time businesses

Creative Accountant

I'm a Chartered Accountant, so naturally my humour and personality extends to this part of my life

Studying in progress

I'm a lecturer and study coach, and there's a teachable moment in EVERYTHING. So why not put it on a mug / notebook / phone cover / pencil bag. Heck, print it on your forehead if it makes you inspired!

Becs & Co

I draw pictures for my niece. We live pretty far away, so it's a great way to connect with her from a distance. My main theme for her drawings is "Girls can...". I want her to be presented with images of different surroundings, and envision something other than princesses and unicorns. (Don't get me wrong, princesses and unicorns are awesome! I just want that to be PART of what she sees, not all of it). So, I've designed some of products to provide the same images for others.

See? It all makes sense now! Welcome to my little world of happiness, I hope you'll stay.

Hope to connect soon!



Email: info@iwanttoneed.com

Contact address: Unit 214; Suite 727, Private Bag x043; Benoni; 1500; South Africa