Why do we compare ourselves to others?

Social media, our community and all the messaging we're faced with every day, means that we're constantly bombarded with the success of others. Is it our goal to be better than them? Will we be better if we compete with them? 

I often fall into the trap of comparing myself to others, and feeling as though I need to 'compete' with them in order to be 'ok'.
(This is definitely part of my 'perfectionist' personality that I'm working on!)

So, I created these little items to remind us that the goal is to work on ourselves, to be a little better than I was yesterday.

AND... they're 10% off until 6 June 2019 (Enter discount code BETTER10 at checkout)

I love mugs! Their message, (and the coffee they contain!) follows us everywhere! (Click here to see in-store)


And of course... there's ALWAYS a good reason to add a notebook to your collection! (Click here to see in-store)



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