Today's Mistake = Tomorrow's Success

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I look for entrepreneurship motivation on a daily basis. Not because I need to be inspired to 'do' something, or need inspiration, but because sometimes the fear of a negative / rejected outcome for something I try, prevents me from trying at all!

As a female entrepreneur myself, and as I watch and learn from so many others, I find myself constantly coming across the theme of 'mistakes'. 

I'm a perfectionist, an accountant, and I don't like not knowing what I'm doing, or whether it's going to 'work out right'. Mistakes are NOT my friend!

What I keep finding though, is that every story of success has a few 'mistakes' in there. In some cases, the mistakes were the little quirks that MADE the success! In most cases though, the mistakes (small or big), were important to overcome and work on in order to get to the good stuff.

Without today's risky choice, tomorrow won't be successful!

I find myself having to repeat this to myself like a mantra at the moment! Many times a day, I'm faced with decisions that I have no textbook answer for. No crystal ball to tell me it'll be ok, and no guarantee that I've made the 'right' choice. Generally, this means I make NO decision at all. Much safer, right? 

Except that it means all my little ideas are sitting on a draft sheet somewhere, untried, unloved, hidden away just in case they don't work. 

So, me and my mug are taking one day at a time!

Join me! Make that decision. Try that idea. Take that chance. If it works, that's AWESOME! If it's a mistake, then it's working towards a future success!

And of course, let me know how it goes!

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