Kitties for a cause

I love cats! I'm fairly sure I'm not a crazy cat lady (I'm married, so surely that means I can't be!)

We recently moved to Montenegro. It's a really beautiful place (Put it on your travel list!), but there's a real problem with stray animals. I do what I can to help them, I carry little bags of cat food in my bag everywhere I go, try and take them to be neutered, give them meds if I can. Since we walk everywhere, we come across a lot of them. Very few of them are neutered, so there are many teeny kittens in a really bad shape.

Here are three little ones we're fostering. Pirate lost his eye to infection before we got hold of him, and we caught his ginger brothers just in time!

So, for all sales of my products featuring kitties, I'll be donating 20% of the profits to a great organisation called 'Kotor Kitties'. They work with local vets here to get stray cats neutered, help their health and try get them fostered. (Follow them on Instagram or Facebook for more details!)

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